Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Day 10 Morning treadmill running and hitting some landmarks

Todays run - Morning (Early!) - Speed/Fartlek - Treadmill - 5K - 26mins

This morning I hit the gym for the last time in a while, due to a few personal issues as well as a decision to run more and train differently I am cancelling my gym membership and today was the last I will be using my membership.

I had planned to have an intensive week of training to really utilise my membership in the final days with plenty of weights sessions and perhaps a dip in the pool but the week hasn't quite worked out that way. 

With my main focus this week now being Friday's boot camp session in Birmingham for Runners World's Target Asics 26.2 competition  I have scaled back my training and decided to focus just on running this week. 

So my run this morning was some fartlek and speed work with the majority of the session ranging from 11.0 km per hour and 14.0 km per hour after a few minutes of gentle jogging at 10.00 km per hour.  

Overall I was quite please with how I got on and felt comfortable at the top speed of 14.0 km per hour which is usually about my top speed. I do need to be more disciplined in doing more specific interval training both outside and on the treadmill. I cant say I am a lover of treadmills but I am certainly not scared of them or against using them and in the past I have done some serious mileage on treadmills including a couple of half marathons.

Today was a significant landmark in my training for three reasons, firstly it is day 10 of my runstreak so now I am a third of the way through and also into double figures. Secondly this is the first time I have ventured into double figures for consecutive running days. Thirdly and most importantly todays run means I have now completed over 900km for 2014 and am therefore have under 100km left to go this year to hit my target of 1000km for the year! 

Tomorrow (Thursday) I plan on an early morning run to then give myself as much recovery time as possible before Fridays boot camp session. I will also be concentrating on plenty of stretching and recovery type work to get my legs in the best possible shape!