Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Day 2 - Run to the hills

Today's run: Evening - Intensity/Hills - pavement - 5km - 23.33mins

Day 2 of my runstreak consisted of an evening run after a morning weight session in the gym.

My run was a high intensity shorter run up and down some hills. The road just off where I live is a nice dipped road with a decent hill coming out of each side which although not overly steep provides a decent slope to run up at pace.

The elevation graph from my mapmyrun provides an idea of the elevation changes and it is a common place for runners to train using a variety of different routes up and down the hills.

I was aiming for a decent pace of below 5 minute/km so I was really happy to finish with a split pace of 4.41 minute/km.

Tomorrow will be the first real challenge of my runstreak as I head out for an early morning run before work and then go to boot camp in the evening. Not only will it be tough running the morning after I have ran in the evening but also training twice in a day on top of maintaining my runstreak will probably be hard!

So day 2 completed and my first run done in my new running tops courtesy of Pancreatic Cancer UK who I am raising money for while aiming to raise awareness of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. My JustGiving page is available here if you would like to donate.

Thanks for reading, thanks for following and thanks for the support!