Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Day 3 Early morning run and Evening boot camp

Today's run: Moring (EARLY!!!) - Gentle/Recovery - pavement - 5km - 30.51mins

The first big challenge of my runstreak, combining Wednesday evening boot camp with a run. The only thing for it was a seriously early pre-work run.

I often run in the mornings but usually its either at the weekend so therefore I don't need to get up that early or its heading off from my gym in London so by the time I have commuted into London I have been awake an hour or two and feel pretty alive and awake.

But this morning I was up early and headed out for a run straight away.

I got up at 5.30, had some water, half a banana and some coffee got myself changed and got ready to train. From previous experience I have learnt early morning running is a little easier after a bit of a warm up so I jumped on my exercise bike for a minute or two to get the blood pumping in my legs. After a quick loosen up and stretch I headed out...

The last time I ran at this hour was in the summer of 2013 when I was training for my one and only triathlon. 

It was dark when I headed out but not that cold, I had wrapped up in abase layer and a woolly hat and didn't feel cold but could feel a slight chill on my neck and face.

My legs didn't feel too bad at all as I started off and I tried to maintain a slow, steady pace with the aim of knocking off my 5Ks in 30 minutes.

The experience of the run was refreshing as it was so quiet, still and peaceful out on the streets with hardly any traffic and only the odd hardy dog walker.

One of the aims of my runstreak was to push my self out of my comfort zone and to make me run more than I normally would and to run in different situations outside of my normal routines and this run certainly falls into this category.

It is something I should do more often though as I found the peace and quiet very relaxing and enjoyed the accompaniment of early morning bird song.

I was thankful that it wasn't raining as yesterday was a very rainy day with the rain still falling when I went to bed last night. Yesterdays rain had mixed with the abundance of fallen leaves to create some slippery patches on my route which were tricky to identify in the early morning darkness. Other than this though the run was very enjoyable and rewarding and I completed my 5K in 30.51 feeling good and invigorated.

After an early morning run a decent bit of breakfast is definitely in order!

I still managed to head out to work at a reasonable time safe in the satisfaction of having safely completed day 3 and the pride of having had an enjoyable productive early morning.

Thanks for reading, I hope this goes someway to perhaps inspire you to an early morning run?