Saturday, 22 November 2014

Day 5 A momentous day

Today's run: Evening - Hill sprints & fartlek - pavement - 5km - 26.23 minutes

Day 5 of my runstreak turned out to be a momentous day but not for my actual run.

Lets get the run out of the way first, I went out on a pretty miserable, dark, cold and rainy evening and did just 5K of a few hill sprints and some fartlek around the park.

Again I really enjoyed my running and felt really strong and fast with plenty of energy in my legs.

I really feel this runstreak is suiting me! 

The big event of the day was not the run though but a telephone call I received in the morning. The call was to inform me that I have been shortlisted in 50 runners to attend boot camp in Birmingham next week for Runners World's target Asics 26.2!

If you don't know about the challenge you can find out about it here. Basically it is a competition to find 5 runners over 5 different marathon finishing times with the prize being VIP entry into the 2015 Paris Marathon

I can't believe that out of the many thousands and thousands of runners that must have entered I have been lucky enough to be selected in the 50 runners for boot camp! 

It is going to be amazing! Regardless of whether I get through to the final 5 to go to Paris even the boot camp stage next week will be great, to train with some specialist running coaches and to meet with other runners.

I couldn't believe how excited I was once I received the call, I was shaky and couldn't concentrate at all, lets just say I didn't get much work done for the remainder of the day! 

I don't know as yet the full details of what to expect from boot camp next week but I have already planned my journey to Birmingham and booked my train tickets. It is going to be a long day! But worth it!

I will be leaving home at around 5am to get to the training venue for 9am and wont get home in the evening till around 9pm! 

My training plans for the week ahead have all gone out of the window now! I still plan to maintain my runstreak but will be taking it easier as my focus is now being in peak condition for whatever lies ahead at boot camp. 

Thank you for reading and thanks for all the messages of congratulations for Asics 26.2 as well. Well done to everyone lucky enough to be selected as well and I look forward to meeting you all! 

Please remember my runstreak is in support of Pancreatic Cancer raising awareness for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month, if you would like to donate please visit my JustGiving page here.