Saturday, 22 November 2014

Day 6 Pre Rugby Run

Today's run: Morning - Gentle/Recovery - pavement - 5.16km - 30.23mins

Today as it is a Saturday I had considered heading over to my local parkrun as I haven't done one in months, but as it has been rainy the last few days I decided to give it a miss as it will be wet and muddy. 

So instead I opted for a short little gentle run ahead of a planned longer run tomorrow. I headed out this morning so I had plenty of time to crack on with a few weekend chores before settling down for an afternoon in front of the TV watching a great sporting lineup. The line up this afternoon including Wales v New Zealand and England v Samoa in the rugby autumn Internationals and Manchester United v Arsenal in what promises to be a tasty premiership fixture.

I chose my running top this morning with the rugby in mind.

A little something to provide some extra motivation for my run!

The run itself was very straightforward a gentle little jog round trying to maintain a nice steady pace. My legs did feel somewhat stiff and struggled to get going until after a few kms but towards the end I was feeling good.

My only slight injury concern is a bit of a niggle with my back as it is feeling painful and stiff in the mornings and takes some time warming up to feel normal. I am sure its nothing major but I will keep an eye on it and make sure I stretch it and warm up properly before each run. 

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