Monday, 24 November 2014

Day 8 A tough but exciting week ahead

Todays run- Evening - Recovery - Pavement - 5K - 29 minutes.

Today is day 8 of my runstreak and with 7 days behind me I am feeling good and enjoying my running.

This week always promised to be difficult as my schedule is busy and varied as I am on a course on Tuesday and out of the office again on Thursday. 

So it was always going to be a bit of a challenge fitting in my training and it was going to be a case of just fitting it in rather than having good quality enjoyable training.

The plans for the week were of course complicated by my news that I will be attending boot camp on Friday for Runners World Target Asics 26.2

This has changed my focus and made me scale back my training, with the emphasis now being on feeling in the best shape as possible for whatever Friday has in store.

As excited as I am about being involved with this amazing opportunity of being involved in the Asics 26.2 competition its a little disappointing that I haven't been able to throw myself fully into my runstreak challenge.

The runstreak was all about me pushing my limits and taking my training out of comfort zone however with boot camp looming on the horizon at the end of the week I have somewhat retreated into my comfort zone and am just ticking over by completing minimum distance of 5km most days.

I have enjoyed trying out new routes and exploring new roads and areas as my increase in running has demanded more variety in my running routes to help keep things fresh.

Today's route took me through Hornchurch Town Centre where the Christmas decorations are in full flow.

On Friday before I had received the good news about Asics 26.2 I did a bit of online shopping looking for some winter running kit. Sports Direct were doing some great bargains so I filled my boots with what the y had to offer. I figured that with my runstreak and with planning to increase my training generally I thought I needed some new kit. I have never really invested in much winter kit just thrown on any old hoody or jacket with a wooly hat and made do. But last year I invested in a few base layers and got on really well with them and felt the benefit of being warmer and more comfortable. My main purchase was a running fleece which I wore out tonight and it worked out really well, warm, light weight and comfortable.

For an order placed on Friday morning you cant complain with delivery on a Monday I was pleasantly suprised.

So how am I coping with the demands of consecutive days running? Overall pretty well my legs feel good and I still feel strong.

My only two concerns are firstly my lower back which is stiff and sore and I have been seeking some advice looking into some exercises and streches to help.

My other slight issue is a classic winter training problem of dehydration and bot drinking enough in the colder weather. Its easy to forget about drinking enough and rehydrating when it not so warm and you don't feel so sweaty so I will be focusing on staying hydrated for the remainder of my runstreak and to ensure I am in the best condition come boot camp on Friday.

Thanks for reading and thank you for all the well wishes and support on both my runstreak and on my inclusion into Asics 26.2.