Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Day 9 Another early morning start

Todays run - Morning (Early!) - See how I go - Pavement - 5K - 27mins

An early morning run again this morning and after really enjoying last weeks I was looking forward to heading out early again, but what a change from last week it was! If I thought it was cold last week this week the British weather really showed me what cold is!

An early morning run is never the right time to push yourself to run a quick time but this morning soon after I set off I decided I was going to see what speed I could muster. I felt pretty good so I aimed to finish comfortably under the 30 minute 5K time I had set on last weeks early morning run. Although a different route I felt I could easily knock a few minutes off as I was running well rather than just shuffling around.

In fairness my route this morning was more conducive to running faster as there were a few downhills. Although a new route it is a route I have ran before in the opposite direction to make the route a difficult hilly route but this time I I made it easier on myself by running in the opposite direction to make the route mostly downhill.

I saw five other runners this morning which I thought was a pretty high number for such an unearthly hour but then again my route was a more obvious course along more prominent roads rather than the back streets. The other thing that surprised me was that non of the other runners were wearing hats! And at least three were in shorts and T-shirts! They must have been freezing?! I felt warm enough thankfully in my kit of shorts, running fleece and wooly hat. My fingers did bare the brunt of the cold but as I don't like wearing gloves while running that is the price I will pay! My new fleece has a zipped collar which meant I could protect my neck from the cold which was my main discomfort on last weeks early morning run.

Thanks for reading, wrap up in the cold when you are out running, stay safe and happy running!