Monday, 17 November 2014

Runstreak Challenge

Struggling with some post marathon hangover blues and eager to have another challenge before the end of the year I am about to embark on a 29 day runstreak.(Relax a runstreak does not involve me taking my clothes off! It's just running on consecutive days!)

Inspired by runtoeatcake and her advent runstreak I decided that my own runstreak would be a great idea and a great challenge to finish off the year with. I very much liked the idea of a 29 day running challenge to mark the end of my 29th Year before my 30th birthday and this would provide me a great training opportunity to keep training and improving my fitness over the dark and cold winter days we have ahead of us. 

The idea of running an event for charity has also been weighing on my mind as it has been a while since I did this.

The charities most prominent in my thoughts in recent years have been those associated with Pancreatic cancer notably the Pancreactic Cancer UK and Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund due to the loss of my Father in Law 3 years ago. 

With the third anniversary of his death coming up shortly these charities are all the more relevant at this time of year. 

When I did a quick bit of Internet research and discovered that November is Pancreatic Cancer awareness month a big bright light bulb went off in my mind as all the strands of my idea started to come together. 

So here we have it a 29 day runstreak challenge raising money and awareness for Pancreatic Cancer with the special memory of Dan Regan in mind.

I have set up a JustGiving page where you can donate to my fundraising which you can access here.  

To find out more about the great work being done to raise awareness of this awful cancer and to combat the disease you can read more on the following links:

Pancreatic Cancer UK 
Macmillan Cancer support
Cancer Research 
The Pancreatic Cancer Research fund

Thanks for reading and your support as I embark on this latest challenge, I plan on writing regular updates via my blog and my twitter account so stay tuned!