Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Day 16 Feeling rough on an early morning run

Today's run - Seeing if I actually feel OK to run - Pavement - 5K - 27.30

Today's run had to be an early morning start and I really didn't feel in the best shape for it. Could it have been the 10K I ran yesterday, having an Indian last night, having a few drinks yesterday, or just having a busy few days with not enough rest and sleep? To be fair I think all these factors were to blame. 

Again it wasn't that cold heading out just after 6am and I soon felt sweaty and stuffy in my running fleece and my new Asics running beanie.

I tried to run as fast as my body would allow which actually was a decent enough pace which I was happy with. Again I ran my 'cheat' route comprising of mainly downhills which definitely helps with an early morning run.

I realise more and more I really need to start eating better to get the best out of my training as a long weekend of eating crap really hasn't left me feeling well and certainly not feeling particularly athletic.

I have realised in previous years the period from end of October to Christmas is just terrible for eating badly and putting on weight. I know it is for most people but for me especially as after the sweet treat fest that is Halloween I then have my wife's birthday in mid November, I then usually see my parents at the end of November/start December and my mum does like to treat me, and then of course you have the run up to Christmas with all the Christmas meals out, Christmas drinks meet ups with friends, Christmas snacks, chocolates and general binge eating! Combine this with cutting loose on a healthy eating regime after usually completing a marathon training program at the end of November and by Christmas I have usually pile on a few pounds! 

The need to burn these extra calories off was another motivating factor in wanting to undertake my runstreak. At the moment I think I am just about managing to keep a balance!

This is my first post in a while with no mention of Asics 26.2, well today is definitely the day we find out who has gone through to the next stage so I am trying not to think about it! After a few days off work I need to knuckle down and get on with some work but I think I will struggle with being productive today!