Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Day 17 A tough run made better with music

Today's run - Recovery run - Pavement - 5K - 28 mins

Today was a tough one, with bootcamp planned for this evening I had to head out early to get my run in which was fine a part from the fact I had attended Pigs Ear Beer and Cider Festival last night and had a few drinks and got to bed rather late!

So while preparing to head out this morning I decided I needed a little something extra, a bit of music aaccompaniment Fresh in my mind was runnersworlds compilation of their best running tracks and I had already added my favourite of these tracks into my own spotify playlist alongside my own running songs.

So off I ran with a soundtrack of the best morivational and uplifting tunes playing away in my ears. It definitely spurred me on and have me an injection of pace that would otherwise have been lacking.

Franz Ferdinand's Take me Out was a great start and by the time The Red Hot Chilli Peppers had fired up their anthemic Cant stop my air guitar was in full flow! It goes doen as one of my best running experiences as it really connected me back with the simple enjoyment of running and reminded me of how great running is. This was pretty much exactly what I needed after the disappointment of not progressing to the next stage in the Asics Target 26.2 competition.

Despite being gutted at not progressing I am relieved at not having to put myself through the stress of the public vote and am genuinely excited and pleased for the lucky ones who have got through.