Thursday, 4 December 2014

Day 18 A good run after a long day

Today's run - Just a run - Pavement - 5.5K - 30mins 

Today after a long day at work I headed out for a simple run. I recently read a great bit of advice on running during a runstreak, 'it is a case of when can you run rather than should I go for a run'. And it today's case it was a case of going for a run when I could and just getting on with it.

As mentioned previously the highlights of running at this time of year are the Christmas decorations so here is the pick of the decorations I passed on today's run.


Away from running I realised I have neglected my non running training so last night I cracked on with a 300 workout which consists of 100 reps of press ups, squats and mountain climbers in any order and in any sequence of reps but against the clock.

It was a great quick workout but I am ashamed to say I was a bit outside of the suggested beginners time. I also completed 100 reps of crunches and dips against the clock to round off my workout. 

I am planning to do this workout again and do so regularly to improve my time and performance.

Looking back at this week I can't believe this time last week I was excited about attending the asics 26.2 bootcamp.

You can read about my experiences here and if you would like to vote towards the winners here is my article I wrote in support of a friend I made at boot camp who is very deserving of your vote.