Monday, 15 December 2014

Day 29 - Finishing my runstreak with a running commute

Today's run - Run commute - Busy London streets - 5K - 27 minutes

I realise updates on the last week or so have been non existent on my blog but I have been posting regular updates of my run on twitter, if you would like to come and join in on the twittersphere I am @beoutrunning

Since the Parkrun on day 20 and Santarun on day 21 of last weekend I have still managed to run everyday but it has been such a busy week I just haven't ha the time or energy to write up blogs for my runs.

In summary I have done a few interval sessions, a 7.5K course PB on Friday Evening(day 26), an early morning Saturday run (day 27) before a boozy day on a pubcrawl which was then followed up by a recovery run on Sunday (day 28). A long with all that there has been the usual busyness of everyday life along with the extra demands of the festive season. Throw into that mix excitedly following the conclusion of the asics 26.2 competition; (massive congratulations to the final 5!) and being offered a new job it has been a busy week!

So with today being day 29 and the last official day of my runstreak challenge I wanted to mark the occasion with a suitable run. 

Since quitting my gym last month my running routine has had to change up, instead of travelling into London heading to the gym then popping out for a run before returning to the gym for some training and/or a cool down before showering and departing for work I am now needing to run straight to work if I want to run in London in the morning.

Significantly impressed by the running commute of one of the asics 26.2 final 5 Tony McNeill I decided to go for it! I took the train to Tower Hill then took the scenic route through to my work near Chancery Lane which rounded the route up to the required 5K as well as taking in some famous London sights.

All in all it was a very enjoyable run, I enjoyed the quietness of being both that bit earlier than I usually am and the fact it was cold and dark in comparison to the more attractive summer months. London still looked as amazing as ever there and provided a captivating backdrop for my run.

Having kind of decided on this run commute on the spare of the moment I hadn't done any preparation so therefore I had to carry everything in my rucksack (runsack?!) work clothes, towel, lunch, toiletries etc.

I didn't find this a problem at all though, I think for running 5K in a steady pace, (I covered the route in under 27 minutes which taking into consideration the hour and the London traffic I was very impressed!) it's fine, any faster or longer though and it would have been troublesome.

I decided my runstreak doesn't end here though, with some Christmas socialising and associated drinking and eating planned for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday it made sense to me to extend to Tuesday so I could have Wednesday to Friday off as a well deserved rest while also rounding up my runstreak to 30 days. 

So one more day to go! I have really enjoyed this runstreak and the idea of 'when shall I run today as opposed to am I going to run today?'. I feel I have got so much stronger and faster, not to mention leaner as well. The runstreak has provided an ideal way to lay down some base miles before training for Half Marathons and Marathons in the New Year.