Saturday, 3 January 2015

I'm famous!

Well almost, just a little bit, OK not quite really I just have my photo in a national top selling magazine and that makes me feel like a it of a celebrity! 

Why you may ask? 

Well at the end of last year I was selected as one of 50 lucky boot campers out of over 3000 applicants to be selected for the first stage of Runners World's Asics Target 26.2 competition. 

February's issue of Runners World features a recap of the boot camp stage and subsequently a photo of all 50 boot campers:


Of course I would recommend you pick up a copy and read up what Runner's World have to say but you can also read my summary of the day here

While it's great for me to have my mugshot in with all my fellow boot campers I feel robbed of not having a second photo in the group shot below as I am a little hidden by the runner in front! 

If you haven't already do check out the Asics 26.2 section of the Runner's World website for lots of tips and advice on marathon training, the Asics 26.2 forum threads are also worth reading up on as a great way of chatting with other runners.