Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Running in Reykjavik

I had always planned on popping out for a little run while we were here. Upon discussing our hectic plans for our remaining time in this amazing city I realised my running plans were not necessarily going to get top billing as other activities rightly took presidency. 

After a long day out sight seeing we returned to our hotel room for a bit of chill out time before we headed out on our night time adventure Northern Lights hunting. I couldn't rest though although I did feel like I needed it not when there was so much to see out there! 

So that was it, a quick warm up, throw on my running kit, try to ensure I would be warm enough, stuff the hotel key card in my pocket, kiss the wife goodbye and head out the door! 

I knew it would be cold, I knew it would be windy, I knew it be icy, but what life without a few challenges?!

I chose to wear my walking shoes instead of my running trainers as I was concerned the latter would not offer me enough grip on the icy/snowy streets, although I was a bit cautious about the affect of my new running footwear on my feet and legs. 

I had decided to head along the pathway alongside the seafront literally across the road from our hotel. The scenery surely ranks as the best backdrop for any of my runs ever! 

A 20-30 minute run seemed purely sensible while being beneficial at the same time so I decided on running out for 10 minutes before turning and returning back to my start.

The temperature when I checked on my phone back on the hotels wifi was -4 and it was pretty windy but once I got moving I was completely warm enough. One of my big personal challenges was that I was wearing jogging bottoms. I generally only ever wear shorts, there's something about having a freedom with shorts that you don't get with long trousers and I haven't as yet caught on with man tights. It was OK though my bottoms kept me warm and didn't feel too restrictive I think mainly as I was plodding along at a leisurely pace.

I was keen to run in Iceland so I could boast that I had ran in the Arctic Circle but upon reading up it turns out that Iceland isn't truly in the Arctic Circle as it only just skims through a few islands off the mainland.

Oh well! At least I can say I have ran in Iceland (the country not just the supermarket!) not a bad way to celebrate my last run in my 20s! I am in Iceland as part of my 30th birthday celebrations and am both looking forward to and dreading celebrating this milestone.