Friday, 20 February 2015

Running out of shape

Last night while round visiting family to celebrate Pancake Day I happened across a set of weighing scales in the bathroom.

I jumped on, I knew the results would not be good but was keen to know the damage none the less.

The last few months have not been the best in terms of health and well being or maintaining a consistent training schedule.

Since October/November time several personal things have left my routine and any hope of planning training plans and eating schedules in tatters.

Due to these changes I quit my gym membership with the promise of replacing my gym workouts with more running and more specific running based training. The intention has certainly been there and the commitment was very evident in my successful 30 day runstreak in the second half of November through to mid December.

But apart from that my training has taken a backward step and my diet has also deteriorated. 

In addition to this less time in my schedule and a change in my working patterns has meant much less walking part of the way to work which has cut out a large portion of extra exercise from my daily routine.

Throw an injury into the mix and I have really been struggling! I say injury its more of an irritating niggle which to be honest is even more frustrating than a serious long term issue! 

Then you have the usual Christmas indulgences over the festive period where I did really pig out which really added some inches to my waistline!

On top of this a trip to Reykjavik for my 30th birthday celebrations were not particularly kind on my waistline despite the fact I managed to get out for a run in the snow and the sub zero temperatures.

I had hoped to share my culinary highlights of this trip in a blog (weekendiniceland.wordpress - not much there at the moment but more to follow soon!) but unfortunately I haven't had enough time to publish much so you will just have to make do with these photos to give you the idea that I really did eat a lot and really enjoyed my food on this trip! 


The final straw was then a weekend visit to Edinburgh for the six nations, although this was a kind birthday gift from my wife a weekend of drinking and eating out was not the best thing to help my weight problems!

So I suppose you are wanting yo know what the weighing scales had to say? 

12 stone 11lbs, at least a stone over my usual weight which is generally in the region of 11 6 - 11 10.

With the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon at the weekend, the scene of my triumphant HM PB last year I am not in great shape, struggling with injury and with a belly that feels like Mr Blobby's I am not looking forward to it and my aspirations are quickly turning towards just trying to get round rather than aiming for a time. 

But I am looking at things like a new start, I will be starting my marathon training shortly and with new routines and schedules to adapt to it feels like a new beginning almost like New Years. 

I am also currently reading Angry Jogger by Angry Jogger which is a story about overcoming personal difficulties through running which I am really enjoying and would whole heartedly recommend to anyone that likes the idea of a motivational/self improvement running book. I think this book should give me the required kick up the arse to get myself in gear!