Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Easter Weekend Blog Update

The Easter Weekend provided a good opportunity for some training as well as the traditional chance to stuff my face with chocolate. 

I trained in some way or another on everyday getting my Ambitious April campaign off to to a great start. I incorporated running as well as my 30 day fitness ab crunch challenge.

On Good Friday after a good treadmill interval session on Thursday I didn't run but did a quick early morning circuit of ab crunches, squats and press ups before heading off to visit family.

On Saturday I was up bright and early to venture into East London for Hackney Marshes Parkrun. Linking up fellow asics 26.2 bootcamper Chris Brammer we enjoyed a good run on a crisp morning. Chris is on the verge of running two marathons in three weeks, Paris on April 12th and London on April 26th. His superior fitness levels helped push me round to a time of 22.59. I was really pleased to duck under 23 minutes and this was really down to Chris's pacing as left on my own I think I would have struggled to get under 24 minutes. 

So a big thanks to Chris for his supportive pacing and the coffee and pain au chocolat afterwards! Hes looking in good shape, running so effortlessly and hes talking in a very positive way so I am confident he will go well below his sub4 hour marathon target.

I would recommend Hackney Marshes Parkrun as a great run with equally friendly runners and course. The course is beautifully flat out and back course withe real PB potential and I will definitely be coming back in a few weeks to try to take a good chunk of time off my PB.

This run also saw me debut my newly purchased calf guards. I am continuing to struggle dreadfully with pretty severe pain and tightness in my calves and these are just another step in trying to counter this ongoing problem. I will be honest and say I didn't notice any real benefit but I was quick to take them off after my run and will be keeping them on longer post run to aid with my recovery.

Sunday morning I was also out early for a pre Chocolate Egg binge run. I did an hours run down and back to the newly redeveloped Raphael's park. To be honest the first twenty to thirty minutes were agony in my calves deapite my calf guards. I perserved though and completed the tun just aiming for a slow and steady pace, I probably covered around 11K in the hour period. I then finiahed off with a few strides to try to continue to work on my speed.

Monday was eventful in terms of running gor several reasons.

Firstly it was a run to break in my shiny new trainers! A brand new pair of New Balance 680's.

Secondly I entered Hackney Half Marathon on the 10th May where I am planning to launch a serious attack on my PB.  

Thirdly I confirmed with myself that eating loads of chocolate and gorging on cake and rich food on Sunday before even more chocolate before heading off running on Sunday would not make for a very good run! I ended up walking at least half but it was fine as It was really about wearing in my new trainers which I did over a period of around 35 minutes.

So ambitious April has got off to a great start, new trainers purchase and another Half Marathon less than six weeks away, here is to an exciting few weeks ahead!