Friday, 15 May 2015

My homemade protein bar experiment

So I decided to make myself some homemade protein bars. It was a spare of the moment decision, I saw an easy to make recipe online when looking for some circuit training ideas and as I am running low on whey powder i thought why not give it ago!

I popped into my local supermarket on the way home and soon enough I was in the kitchen making a mess concocting my very own protein bars.

So how did they turn out I hear you ask?


Pretty awful!

They are calorific, don't have much protein in and don't taste too good at all.

Protein bars aren't meant to be super tasty like chocolate bars so I wasn't surprised they didn't taste great and they had a similar consistency to your average protein bar that is grainy, unnatural and pretty much unpleasant.

I shouldn't have been surprised really as the ingredients are pretty basic, oats, milk a bit of honey and peanut butter, a lot of peanut butter, OK they are basically just peanut butter! This goes someway to explain why they aren't any good! 

After a quick bit of maths I worked out that although at pretty great value at just 20p a serving a return of only 12g of protein and about 400 calories ago was unbelievably awful!

So now I am stuck with a fridge full of homemade high calorie yuck which doesn't really deliver on my specification of being a post workout high protein hit.

So other than providing an amusing baking fail to amuse readers all I have done is waste a perfectly good tub of peanut butter!

Someone must have some better suggestions? Anyone any have recipes or ideas to improve on my efforts? It would be great to hear from you if you have any suggestions and if you fancy a try of my protein bars please do get in touch! It will save me eating it all!