Monday, 6 July 2015

Another overdue blog update

My running continues as ever even if my blog posts continue to remain scarce into 2015.

I am eagerly training for my next two events, the Vanguard Way Marathon on 2 August and Spitfire Scramble on 15 August. 

My marathon training has really upped a gear from previous campaigns. Every session has an aim and every kilometre a specific desired pace.

Whether concentrating on going slow or being determined to run fast I am focusing each time I got out to run.

My long runs have been very slow and steady, I have being aiming for around 30seconds per km slower than my desired sub 4 marathon pace and I have found this very comfortable to sustain for longer period and have completed back to back 16 and 17 mile runs in the last two weekends.

My most recent run on Sunday was 27.6K in 2 hours 50 with all but the first few hundred metres completed in heavy summers rain which made for a sodden and soaking running experience.

In the last two weeks as my training has really peaked I have covered 120K in just 14 days.

I feel like I have cracked the idea of marathon training, I have sussed it, it's not that hard! 

A weekly long run at slower pace, a good amount of speed work midweek, plenty of stretching and conditioning and the more miles you can cover every week the nearer you will get to your goal or the easier your run will be.

A pretty simple formula to follow! Following my three marathons in three months last year and then being involved in the Asics Target 26.2 competition I feel like my marathon training has now clicked into place. 

I am enjoying my running as much as ever and feeling fitter and stronger and am really looking forward to my up coming events! Hopefully I can maintain some blog writing motivation to post some regular updates on how I get on...