Saturday, 1 August 2015

Ready to run my next marathon

Following on from my last post which took a look back at how my training had gone I have just completed a gentle 2km jog and in doing so have now finished my marathon training.

Now I sit and wait for 9.30 tomorrow AM for the race to start.

Today I have mostly rested as well as prepared for tomorrow. I have my kit and supplies all ready and I have again consumed vast amounts of carbohydrates as I continue my carb load to ensure I am fully fueled for the 26.2 miles that lie ahead.

In the last week or two I have again questioned why I run and specifically why I run marathons and have again chosen to put myself through a grueling marathon training program as well as running a marathon.

It's a curious question, I certainly enjoy running, I like the free time, I like getting out and exploring, I enjoy challenging myself and I feel I need the focus that marathon training brings. These are just a few of the reasons why I do what I do.

I came across this article in the week about the growing trend in society for people to push themselves in extreme pursuits. It's an interesting question with no clear answer readily available. 

I certainly feel that I continue to run and enter marathons under the guise of trying  to 'scratch an itch', something in me that just won't go away and won't be satisfied by another hobby or activity. On a more personal note I am still striving for a sub 4 hour marathon, tomorrow will be my 6th attempt even though I know this feat is impossible tomorrow as the course is far to challenging and hilly for personal records to be achieved.

Scroll through social media early today's I was pleased to see this quote pop up.

To me it sums up that marathon running is about so much more than running. Tomorrow will be about running, enjoying the experience, the scenery, the comradery with other runners, the challenge to name just a few. I was also reminded this week that having running in my life is also a kind of stabilizing focus on my lifestyle. This week I had a work drinks reception, a colleagues leaving drinks, an evening at the football, a work summer barbecue party and drinks with ex colleagues. It was both a challenge and a disappointment to have to hold myself back not to have a proper drink or enjoy as much food as I would have liked and to have to come home early. But then I think of all the extra calories I would have eaten and the excess alcohol I would have consumed had I not had the  marathon this weekend as a get out clause to hold myself back. I know I felt much better this week sticking to the orange juice, not eating too much and getting to bed early.

So now onward to marathon number 6, the vanguard way marathon following the vanguard way path through the North downs. It's a race I ran last year and thoroughly enjoyed despite getting lost three times! You can have a read of those escapades here

Good luck to everyone else racing this weekend or training hard for the next event. Race report to follow once I have ran and sufficiently recovered marathon number 6!