Monday, 17 August 2015

What did you do this weekend? I got scrambled!

Between midday on Saturday and midday on Sunday as part of the amazing 24 hour team relay event that is Spitfire Scramble my weekend consisted of the following:
  • Spent the whole time camped in a field with people I have never met.
  • Ran approximately 40K
  • Slept for about 3 hours 
  • Ate large quantities of jelly babies and my home made chocolate and banana cake
  • Didn't shower for in excess of 24 hours despite all the running and some hot and sweaty conditions 
  • Got bitten to within an inch of my sanity by a variety of creepy crawlies
  • Enjoyed meeting UKrunchat members from Twitter and they turned out to be a friendly bunch of runners with a range of running experiences.
  • Despaired at early morning visits to the portaloo
  • Witnessed the awesomeness of a spitfire flying and swooping down over me while running my last lap.
  • Helped steer UKrunchat #teamred to a very respectable 17th place out of 42 teams, a top half finish that was well deserved that we were very proud of.
  • Earned an amazing medal
  • Overall had a blast, enjoyed some epic running experiences and reconfirmed my love of running.

Come Sunday evening I felt exhausted which to be fair had a lot to do with having my tooth extracted in hospital on Friday as well as the running and the lack of sleep. On Monday morning when I got I regretted not taking the day off and wished for a weekend to recover from the weekend I had just had but by the time I left for work I had the smug glow of knowing I had done something awesome at the weekend.

Never entered a 24 hour team event? You should! They are a bit crazy but in a good way, lots of running interspersed with eating, socialising with other runners but not so much sleeping, give one a go you just might find you like it!