Sunday, 8 November 2015

Week 1 of sub20 5K training

So this week was my first specific intensive training for my sub20 5K attempt which is my current challenge with running buddies Chris and Tony.

Having had a week to recover after my Chelmsford marathon PB, a week to ramp it up a bit this was my first week to really kick on.

Heres what my schedule looked like for the week:

Monday - I was so pumped up I really wen for it!
1K warm up, 5x400m intervals averaging around 1.30, 1K cool down, then 10x stair sprints, press ups, 5x stair sprints, press ups, 3x 10 squat jumps a 1K jog home and then a quick abs blast.

I utilised a local walkway over a motorway for my stair sprints and squat jumps.

Tuesday - Early morning circuits - star jumps, crunches, rowing crunches, press ups and plank work. 

Wednesday - The plan was for an early morning speed session but it was tipping it down, dark and cold I can take, dark, cold and wet was a step too far so I opted for staying inside for a circuit session instead. 4 circuits of 25 squats, 25 press ups, 25 crunches and 15 arm dips within a target time of 20 minutes. 

Thursday - Conscious of not just wanting to focus on shorter runs I thought I would pull out an old session I used to do, run for an hour with the aim of covering 13K. I finished with 12.5 which I was happy with as I knew I wasn't in shape to trouble 13 and I went out far too fast on my first K so knew I couldn't sustain my target pace. In the end the second half was a real struggle and was so tough. 

Friday - Rest day - It was much needed as after a tiring week with work and training a bit harder I was feeling knackered. 

Saturday - The plan was for a benchmark 5K race at Hackney Marsh parkrun to get an idea of where we all were with our times. Earlier in the week Tony had unfortunately had to pull out and come Friday I decided to opt out as well as it had been a really long week and I was out for drinks on Friday night. An early morning start for Parkrun on Saturday morning was never going to go that well. 

As it turned out I rather over did things on Friday night so Saturday was a write off for everything not just running. I dint get out of bed until about 3, not my finest hour but you have to let your hair down every once in a while.

Sunday - Not feeling great I just went out for a 'takin' it easy run', I covered 8.5K in 45 minutes which was a 5.15 min/km

Reflecting on the week

Reflecting on the week I think I overdid it a bit and have over trained, my glutes, hamstrings and groins were screaming at me for most of Thursday and Friday. My feeling worse for wear following Friday night I think was also partly due to being a bit run down and tired from the week as well as from the drink. The thought of also feeling some post marathon fatigue also occurred to me, maybe I had pushed too hard too soon after the marathon?

Reflections of a different kind

With the nights and morning for that matter being so dark I have been wearing my Tuvizo reflective gear.

I am not sure what to call it, a belt, a harness, a vest, nothing quite seems to do it justice. It is however very comfortable to run in and I feel like I am really visible to traffic and it does the job of keeping the wife happy about me being out in the dark.

If you are out running in the dark this winter remember to stay safe, wear something reflective, be seen, be safe!

So after a tough but successful week my next week is going to be slightly more challenging as I am away with work from Monday for four nights in Leeds and Belfast. We are only taking hand luggage so no room for running kit which makes me sad. Maybe the rest will do me good and I will just have to try and squeeze in some circuits in my hotel room when I get the chance!