Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Week 2 of sub20 5K training

Following the success of my week 1 training blog of my journey to sub20 5K I planned to follow this up with weekly updates. However time has crept up with me and I haven't had time to post as regular updates as I would have liked,so although the we are already into week 3 here's an update on how things are going so far...

Week 2 was not quite such a successful week of training so this blog will be more of a reflection on how sometimes despite the best will in the world training just doesn't go to plan and life gets in the way. It's times like these you have to acknowledge life isn't just about running and training, life's there for enjoying and you need to embrace whatever comes your way.

So here we go, be warned this training blog will contain minimal running! 

Monday - I knew training opportunities were going to be at a premium this week as I was away with work. Firstly heading up to Leeds for two nights before flying over to Belfast. With needing to pack for two conferences and only being allowed to take hand luggage unfortunately there was no room for running kit to be packed.

So Monday morning I rose early and headed to my local park for hill sprints. A mile warm up run there, 5x200m/45secs hill sprints and a mile jog home, a good session! At least if the rest of the week was a complete training failure I had got this session under my belt and miles banked in my legs. 

Tuesday - After a long day travelling on Monday luckily it wasn't a too early start so I was able to do an improvised circuit session in my hotel room.

5xsquats/press ups/crunches x5 as a warm up then some circuits of lunges with some ab and core exercises before finishing off with 3x1minute sprinting on the spot. 

I will be honest it was a half hearted, tired session and not really a quality workout, but still better than nothing! 

On Tuesday evening after a long day working at our conference a decent dinner was in order and so we ended up visiting the local meat liquor branch. It was my first visit to this awesome establishment and I thoroughly enjoyed my buffalo chicken burger.

I didn't have my phone on my so photo courtesy of https://pickyglutton.files.wordpress.com
Wednesday - Again not such an early morning start so again I repeated a circuit session, this time a bit shorter with less lunges and more press ups and crunches.

Thursday - A late flight on Wednesday night to Belfast, an early morning start on Thursday and a late night flight back home Thursday evening meant today was assigned to a rest day as there was no chance of anything else!

Friday - I was looking forward to a run today on a well deserved day off but the day didn't work out that way. I was wiped!

Completely kanckered from getting home after 1AM, four really busy intense days out and about, then I had to catch up on some work and not to mention having to go birthday present shopping for my wife!

I also felt pretty shit as a few cooked breakfasts in the week and eating junk food at conference really felt like it had taken its toll even though I had taken it easy and not over indulged myself. It's interesting to feel the effects of swapping my usual healthy snacks with biscuits and eating richer, fattier foods for a few consecutive days. 

Saturday - A 8.7K run, this was a run I entitled my 'post conference I'm really tired, I have been away all week eating crap' run.

Is it just me or do you feel after a period of bad eating or perhaps a period of drinking such as a boozy weekend you need one run to get over it? A run to sweat things out of your system before you get back to normal training? Well this was one of those runs!

Sunday - So Sunday, a chilled out day? A long run? Nope it was the wife's birthday weekend and a trip into London was on the cards and not just any trip a long awaited trip to Choccywoccydoodah. If you haven't heard of this place well let me tell you it is a Chocoholics dream. A small arty chocolatier with a few stores in London and Brighton selling fancy chocolates and serving up chocolatey delights in their cafe.

The mouth watering menu
Their chocolate milkshakes were truly amazing
Our chocolate feast
I cant believe I didn't run on a day when I was eating like this! I really should dedicate a whole blog post to our visit as it was amazing and I would highly recommended a visit if you haven't already been.

So week 2 finished with not a lot of good training and far too much bad eating, but hey ho! Life is for living and for enjoying yourself and sometimes as hard as you try you just can't fit training into your schedule, its just not meant to be.

Week 3 ahead and I am ready to hit it hard and make up for lost ground this week, on wards and upwards!

This blog covers my training the week of 9-15 November 2015