Friday, 8 January 2016

Happy 2016 - Onwards and Upwards

Happy 2016!

Here we are well into the New Year, I don't about you but I am certainly a few pounds heavier from enjoying a bit too much Christmas excess. In fact I sit typing this demolishing some of the last of my Christmas chocolates in the form of some chocolate coins. I am trying to maintain my typing while constantly having to fidget around with getting my next chocolate treat out of its metal casing.

I am not a big fan of Christmas or of New Year festivities but I was glad of  a prolonged period off work and I was looking forward to using my extra time off to get some more running in. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way.

Before Christmas I booked myself in for my for my first race of 2016 a runthrough Half Marathon in Victoria park at the end of January. Its an event I am pretty excited about as not only does it have a super cool medal as highlighted below but it also falls on my birthday!

I will be honest, I have been looking forward to my birthday falling on a Sunday so I can do a race on my birthday, what a great way to spend the day!

I have built up the race to be a race of magical proportions, surely a race on my birthday will be the most magical event and the running Gods will bestow nothing but good things on the run and my preparation for it?

Of course not!

My training over Christmas was blighted by a cold/cough that had me under the weather off and on for most of the festive period. I had penciled in the ambitious idea of a half marathon distance run before Christmas, another one between Christmas and New Year and a third between New Year and going back to work. I didn't get any of these runs in just one 14K trundle our feeling the worse for wear after Christmas.

Eager to make up for lost ground I planned to attack this week with great enthusiasm and lots of running.

Monday I got out for a great session which involved using a local motorway crossing for some hill sprints and then some strength and conditioning work on the stairs.

Since then it has gone a bit wrong, my Monday night session had obviously aggravated my calf as I awoke on Tuesday morning with a calf strain. The week hasn't got much better as I have been in agony with an infection in my tooth. After a few sleepless nights full of pain and struggling to eat all week a trip to the dentist has seen me get on the antibiotics and get booked in for some required root canal work.

So not the ideal start to the week but now both my tooth and calf are on the mend so next week will see me attempting to kick start the New Year.

I am not a big fan of New Years resolutions and all these ambitions and declarations of intent that everyone is full of at this time of year.

Other than my recap of 2015 (peak at my medal haul form 2015 below) I haven't written a post about all the great things I am planning for 2016 and all the changes I am going to make to myself, my lifestyle, my running or my blog.

I am simply going to press on with doing what I do.

In terms of running I know what I need to improve in my training and of course I will be aiming for more PBs in 2016 and if I can run consistently without too many injuries I would love to be able to run 2016km this year.

In terms of my lifestyle I know I need to keep trying to eat healthier the same as everyone else, eat a bit cleaner and cut out the carbs and the junk food.

As for the blog, it was always planned to be for me to write what I want to write, I am never going to be famous or earn a living from my blog. So I will continue to write more of the same, if you like it then great thanks for reading, I love interacting with other runners, why not drop me a line? If my blogs not for you then thats cool its not really a crowd pleaser designed for the masses but thanks for dropping by.

So onwards and upwards for 2016, I hope you manage to run off any Christmas excesses and achieve all your ambitions in the year ahead!