Monday, 25 January 2016

The not so wonderful world of blogging

So today I came across a top 100 list of running blogsi that has recently been published by feedspot. 

I didn't for one second think I would be on (cue lack of suspense) and I'm not and that's fine.

For the record a few blogs that feature in the top 100 that I follow and highly recommend include; 

There are also more than a few great sounding blogs I want to check out and that's not to say there so many great running blogs out there not on the list as well. 

It has however led me to once again reevaluate my blog goals, which is all I ever do rather than actually write any decent content! 

I started my blog about 18 months ago now and my aims were loosely as follows:

  • To write about, express my passion for and generally share my love and passion for running.
  • To interact and engage more with other runners
  • To do something more productive with my dead time while sat on the train etc
  • To have some kind of outlet and place to express myself
  • To perhaps improve my writing skills and make the most of the good writing style I supposedly had during my College and Uni years
Looking back I have mixed feelings about whether I have acheieved these goals or not. In many ways Twitter has filled many of the holes I had sought to fill through writing a blog and I enjoy the interactions with other runners and the relentless  constant flow of content available that keeps me occupied but maintaining a Twitter account is not quite the same as keeping a blog.

Also my life has changed since I started out blogging, originally my job left me feeling unfulfilled and so I needed the outlet blogging provided. Now my job is much more mentally demanding and time consuming so finding the time and energy for blogging is much more difficult. 

I have lost count of the times I have thought about what my blog is for or what I think I ought to do with it.

I keep coming back to two conclusions, one my blog is for me and I will write what I want to write whether its successful or not. Although the motivation for writing great content and good posts are there as I really get a buzz from having a well received post and receiving comments and feedback from others. 

Secondly I need to stop procrastinating, the amount of times I have decided I am going to invest more time and effort into my blog our endless. And if I had a pound for every great blog idea I drafted in my mind or half wrote but never published I would be a really wealthy blogger! I'm sure most bloggers and writers have this trouble though!

So once again I find myself giving myself a kick up the arse (surely a great plyometric warm up if it was possible?!), time will tell if it develops into any real change ......

I feel I have plenty to share with the world and with plenty of running adventures on the horizon including four marathons there will be plenty to blog about!