Thursday, 4 February 2016

Reinvigorating my running

You know when you put something off a few times and then before you know it you have been putting it for ages, then all of a sudden it's been so long since you did the thing it's hard to go back to it? 

When you keep procrastinating, become perhaps a bit lazy and start making up excuses and all of a sudden it's been months since you did the thing you were meant to do? 

Well this happened to me...

For almost the last year I have been in the lucky position to work literally opposite Regents Park, I can actually see the park from my desk. A runners dream right?! (I am open to discussing job swap opportunities!)

Then early last year I started running in Regents Park in the morning before work most often accompanied by at least one running buddy and the run usually consisted of a track session using the running track on the north side of the park. 

The track is a better setting for an early morning session than any gym
Back in the autumn for one reason and another I stopped going, it's so easy to fall out of a good routine and life can throw so many things to get in the way.

Last week I finally got back to running an early morning session. I loved it, it felt amazing, I loved being in London so early, I loved exercising before work and feeling great throughout the day.

A pre dawn shot of London overlooking Regents Park
I was annoyed with myself for having missed out on so many of these sessions over the last six months. 

Then on Saturday I took part in a run with UK fitness bloggers which departed from near Liverpool Street and explored a little area nestled in between Wanstead, the river and the City. 

I really enjoyed the experience of exploring, running somewhere new and taking in some sights.

I realised I had gone a bit stale with my running. I remembered how fun running can be when you use it as an opportunity to explore and for adventure.

So last night after work I embarked on a partial run commute home, leaving my work near Great Portland Street I ran through the City and along the river back to Liverpool Street to catch the train home.

It felt great! I ticked up sub 5 minute KMs despite a back pack and a heavy laptop.

London looked epic lit up in the winter night.  

I hadn't run in London for over a year and not even spent that much time walking around either. So many regular places I used to pas have changed, larger buildings disappeared, new modern structures cropping up all over the place. 

I suppose the point of my story is the idea that usually you won't regret doing things but you do regret not doing things.  

It's a notion based on a quote from a wiser man than me.