Saturday, 7 May 2016

Urban Massage Review

I was lucky enough to receive free entry into the North London Half Marathon via Urban Massage who were one of the races sponsors. You can read how I got on here: (spoiler - I had a great run and recorded my second fastest time).

As if a free race entry wasn't enough I was also lucky enough to receive a free massage! It was like my Christmas and Birthday coming at once! 

So in case you didn't know know Urban Massage are a massage provider with a difference, not only do they offer a wide range of massages and treatments they send a therapist straight to your home or workplace. With their extensive range of over 300 therapists they also pride themselves on being able to provide you with a massage appointment within a few hours offering a high standard of flexibility and convenience to customers. 

You can also choose your own therapist allowing you to pick someone with the right experience and expertise so you can tailor your treatment to meet your requirements.

So how was my massage? 

I naturally opted for a sports massage (although Urban Massage do provide the usual array of massages from thai massage, deep tissue and reflexology) which I booked in for an evening after work. 

Pre massage I went through the usual anxiety you get when you invite a stranger into your home, after a frantic 15 minutes cleaning the flat I was sat ready and waiting for my therapist. 

Soon enough Andreas turned up for our appointment, after a quick chat I was pleased to hear he had experience in endurance training and had completed several marathons in the past and was now focusing on long distance cycling. 

Before I knew it a full size massage bed had been erected in the flat and Andreas had unpacked a range of fresh towels from his holdall in a sight similar to a scene from Mary Poppins. 

What followed was a generous hour of an incredibly beneficial sports massage that really soothed my muscles after the ravages of several weeks of marathon training.

I found Andreas to be very knowledgeable not only on his understanding of muscles but also on common running injuries and ailments as well knowing about general fitness and running issues. 

I was also happy with Andreas's assessment that other than a bit of tightness in my hip flexors my legs were in good condition. 

The session was finished off with Andreas demonstrating a stretch I could use to help elevate my hip flexor tightness and some general advice on how I could maximise my running conditioning through stretching. 

As we chatted the towels were rolled up, Andreas packed his bag and before I knew it the bed was folded up and put away and my flat was returned to being a normal flat as opposed to a massage treatment room. 

Now here is the best part, you know after a massage when you feel all relaxed and chilled out? The last thing you want to do is to get on a busy train home right? Well all I had to do was grab a protein shake from the kitchen and sit down on the sofa with my feet up ready to enjoy the rest of my evening. Perfect! 

I would recommend considering Urban Massage for any massage you were thinking of booking as the convenience their service provides is a great benefit.

Thank you to Urban Massage for providing me with a free massage in return for a review. Although this massage was received free of charge all opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.