Saturday, 16 July 2016

Taking the plunge into an ultra

I have taken the plunge and signed myself up for an ultra marathon in the form of a solo entry to spitfire scramble 24 hour event.

The plan had be to enter as part of a team as in the last two years but my the team didn't quite materialise so rather than miss out I have taken a punt at going solo.

My aim will be to cover 100K in the 24 which will equate to completing 11 of the 9.8K laps. 

I am feeling nervous and apprehensive about what I have left myself in for and rightly so I haven't ran further than a marathon before apart from completing 6 laps at spitfire in 2014 (approx 58K) and 4 laps last year (approx 39K) but that is a different ball game compared to going solo. Those laps were all done pretty much as fast as I could where as running solo will be about slowing the pace right down and about trying to just keep moving. 

This is a big jump out of my comfort zone and I know I am going somewhat naively into this adventure under trained (it's 4 weeks away) and possibly under prepared (I don't have any fancy kit, I don't even own a garmin! I have recently bought a buff though so that's OK!).

I really want to do this event though, as it's location in Hornchurch Country Park is so local to where I live, I used to live even closer and it's where I really started to train more extensively and it is easily one of my favourite places to run. 

So thank you to all the crazy #UKrunchat people who have taken up my Twitter timeline in recent months posting massive miles in training runs, ultras md other adventures, thanks for the inspiration! 

Already I have received so much support and advice, if you have any words of wisdom on how to approach this event, what kit to buy or pack, nutrition and hydration advice or anything else for a first time ultra runner please let me know I'm all ears!!!!