Sunday, 4 September 2016

Making the most of the Bacchus experience

The Bacchus half marathon and marathon running events form part of an exciting day of running activities at Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking Surrey. This is no ordinary running event as it comprises a heady mix of long distance running, wine tasting, fancy dress and fun. 

I am by no means a seasoned Bacchus veteran having only taken part in the event once as a half marathon runner last year but I feel Like I got a good idea of the spirit of the event. By the way I was St George chasing my brother in law the Dancing Dragon.

To see how I got on last year and to get a feel for the event you can read my blog here, or watch this great video of last years run. 

Here's my advice on making the most of this fun filled event:  

1. Fancy dress - it's got to be done, don't worry about looking odd, this is an event where you will look out of place if your not dressed up! 

2. It's all about the fun not the run - yes it's a running event but if you were to focus solely on the running aspect you would miss out on so much, so be ready to soak in the full experience. 

3. Make sure you make the most of tasting Denbies mighty fine wine range.

Sure you will be able to taste plenty of wine during the run but try to take the time to experience a full glass as well. 

Why not incorporate a glass into a pre race stretch as part of your warm up? 

4. Eat, drink and be merry

You will get the idea very quickly that the event is pretty much a party with a bit of running thrown in so make sure you enjoy the party atmosphere! 

Make sure you replenish those calories.

From the wine stops mid race to the heavily laden tables of snacks at the fuel stops and not forgetting the hog roast burger at the end there's plenty of opportunity to fill your boots! 

Whether running the half marathon (good choice) or the full marathon (you crazy fool) you will need to consume plenty of calories to keep you fueled during your race.

Luckily there is a plentiful supply of food and snacks on the course to keep you going! 

5.Take the time to take in the views 

Its a stunning course with some brilliant scenery, so don't be afraid to stop staring down at that Garmin and take in the sights!

6. Take home a souvenir or two, and I'm not talking about the race medal or tshirt. 

A bottle or two of something to take home to help reminisce on the day doesn't sound like such an awful idea now does it?

However you approach the race and however you choose to enjoy the day I hope that you indeed do.

Bacchus is a very social race so stay in touch on social media by following event organisers Events to Live and Denbies reporter, Denbies Big Twit and follow all the goings on with #BacchusTime. I will be more than likely live tweeting my own escapades during the race  so follow me to see how it all pans out!