Monday, 19 March 2018

Flyte energy drinks - providing a boost to marathon training

Only a few short weeks ago I received news of a last minute entry into the London Marathon, cue much excitement and frantic training preparation.

Luckily at a similar time I was also approached by Flyte to try some samples of their energy drink. What good timing, what a good combination, marathon training and energy drinks.

When I first started running I wouldn't even contemplate going out for a run without swigging a bottle of lucozade beforehand. I eventually weened myself off these but ended up moving on to energy gels as I tackled longer distances. 

Then as I got older and the pressures of adulting started to hit home I grew to depend on coffee, with its warm caffeinated glow to get me through life, work and training.

However my search for an ideal energy drink to fuel my running has continued.

Flyte sounds promising, its natural, it contains caffeine, its fruity and it isn't a regrettable horrible experience such as a red bull or monster type energy drink.
On the flip side Flyte comes in a glass bottle which isn't ideal as it makes it less convenient than a plastic bottle or even a can.

Trying it pre run it definitely gives you a nice energy boost and without the sicklyness of most sugary sweet energy drinks on the market.

The word that comes to mind when tyring to describe how Flyte tastes would be 'clean' it tastes exactly as you would expect it to with crisp, fruity flavours from a drink that doesn't feel overly carbonated and fizzy.

Tasty as it might be, the drink being used for the London marathon is lucozade sport so I will be going back to my old sugary friend for my last few long training runs as I prepare to get my body ready again for drinking the sickly sweetness that will hopefully power me through 26.2 miles.

I am running the London marathon for PARC Essex and you can sponsor me here:

Flyte drinks were supplied to me for free but all opinions expressed are my own.