Further reading

Here are a few suggestions on places for you to find some interesting and useful places to read more about running: 

Running Junkies

A light hearted look at all things running; Running Junkies is well worth a read as there are some insightful and interesting articles here based on peoples experiences of running. I am a bit biased though as I write for this site! 

Runners World

For the definitive site of running information you cant look further than Runners World either through the monthly magazine, the website of their other social media platforms. 

For advice and support with your training check out the forums here

As you may have read in some of my posts I was involved in Runners World Asics Target 26.2 competition and this area of their site provides a wealth of information on marathon training support. 

I also really like Mark Remy's 'Rules to run by' which is kind of a list of running commandments. Well worth reading to remind yourself about the basics of running and advice on how to deal with the challenges of running. 

Gym Talk

Gym Talk was set up as an antidote to the unending parade of bodybuilding websites and fitness gurus that take themselves far, far too seriously. 

Great offers from my protein at the moment - http://www.gym-talk.com/deals/myprotein -Make sure you check out their great deals on sports nutrition for runners, gym goers and fitness enthusiasts. 

Real Buzz

Another website where you can so much advice, support and information is Realbuzz.com which is a site for all thing training and healthy living.